Building better barriers

Imagine a plastic wall that is 10 metres thick. Not very much is going to get through a barrier like that. Now imagine that the same protective function can be realized with only 1 mm. With EVAL™ EVOH it can. Normally an EVAL layer of just a few microns is enough to provide an amazingly effective gas and aroma barrier, to protect the quality of packaged goods and extend shelf life. Like food or cosmetics or vitamins. Even the fuel in a car.

EVAL™'s barrier properties give more gas barrier performance per thickness than any conventional polymer, and the barrier function works in both directions. Value, quality, flavor and CO2 are locked inside. Oxygen, odors and contamination like MOSH/MOAH are kept outside where they belong.

Kuraray is the world's first and largest producer of EVOH plastic raw materials, sold as pellets for coextrusion and coinjection, or as monolayer films for lamination.

EVAL™ is a registered trademark of Kuraray Co., Ltd.







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5 February 2020

Kuraray EVAL to Showcase at Plastics Recycling Conference

Kuraray’s EVAL Team will be in Nashville, TN February 17-19 at the 2020 Plastics Recycling more »

18 November 2019

Simpler Recycling of Multi-Layer Plastic Packaging

Kuraray EVAL™ EVOH was one of a portfolio of unique products that combine performance and sustainability presented by Kuraray at the 2019 K Show in Dusseldorf last more »

30 June 2019

Longer Shelf-Life, Less Waste. Barrier Materials Protect Food and Make Packaging more Sustainable

Vast quantities of food are thrown away every year. Modern plastic packaging keeps food fresh and preserves its flavor for longer, so it reduces the amount of valuable produce that is wasted. At the same time, politicians are calling for more environmentally friendly packaging. Kuraray provides key barrier materials for this, including biodegradable polymers that are impermeable to more »