Applications / Cosmetics


Cosmetic manufacturers understand that cosmetics packaging should add to the appeal of a cosmetic product. The packaging of cosmetics is an important factor in the purchase decision process.

Keeping in mind that every cosmetic packaging application requires a different approach, it is important to define a list of requirements for the specific product. For example, fragrance packaging has totally different requirements than hair-care packaging.

An important function of the packaging material is to make sure that the contents retain their fragrance, consistency, color and most importantly, their cosmetic action for a long period of time.

Sun lotions, skin care agents, hair dyes all contain active agents and specific care substances. The packaging material needs to be resistant to these agents and has to make sure that these agents retain their action during the product use.

In order to attract the consumer's attention between a variety of products, the packaging material has to be attractive and eye-catching.

Multilayer cosmetic packages using an EVAL™ layer will considerably enhance the preservation of the fragrances and ensure that the cosmetic agents maintain their action over a long period of time.